Travelling in Sri Lanka in a post Coronavirus world

Apr 29, 2020

Although we are currently in isolation due to Covid-19, Impact Escapes is looking forward to happier times when global travel can resume. We realise that even when borders open and airlines fly again, travel will not return to normal immediately. 

Understandably, we expect travellers will be more concerned about health, safety and hygiene. You can rightfully expect new safety standards and precautions from airlines, drivers, guides and accommodation providers. We continue to use our time during these worldwide travel restrictions to educate ourselves on safety and sustainable options.

We hope that Sri Lanka’s efforts to contain Covid-19 to date will ensure that Sri Lanka can be considered a low risk destination for travel.  There have been a relatively low number of Covid-19 cases (currently under 400) due to a proactive and aggressive government approach to combating the virus.

Sri Lanka is primarily a low density rural destination.  With some careful itinerary planning and use of the same private driver throughout your holiday we will endeavour to minimise your exposure to large gatherings of people. We are also focussing our time looking at experiences where we can easily practice physical distancing where required.

There are a large selection of small independent and private boutique hotels throughout the island. We continue to spend time looking at the accommodation options and experiences that are enriching and engaging while maintaining your personal safety. 

Sri Lanka is blessed with great weather year round, lending itself to being a destination where enjoying the great outdoors is natural. Hiking, swimming, relaxing on the beaches, visiting UNESCO sites, surfing and walking through tea plantations. Private wildlife safaris in one of the national parks is another of the most popular experiences on the island.

Spending time in the great outdoors with plenty of space is what Sri Lanka is well known for.

Impact Escapes are also considering the measures we will need to take to ensure the safety of our clients during their time in Sri Lanka. We have already started developing key health and safety guidelines in this regard including:


  • Immediately prior to airport pick-up, each chauffeur-guide to be screened for Covid-19
  • Whilst on tour, chauffeur-guides to test their temperature on a daily basis
  • Vehicles to be fully disinfected at the beginning and end of each day 
  • Hand sanitizer to be available in the vehicle at all times
  • Chauffeur-guides to wear a face mask when driving and guiding clients
  • Chauffeur-guides to employ appropriate social distancing with clients
  • Chauffeur-guides will provide assistance to any clients who feel unwell during their trip.  They will be aware of the recommended hospitals and support networks in each part of the island

Customer Care

  • Our Meet and Greet team at the airport can provide clients with face masks upon arrival and advise them of any applicable health and safety regulations
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided as part of our Welcome Pack
  • Our Customer Care team will be available 24/7 to provide advice and assistance as required
  • All trip documentation for clients will be sent electronically

Guided Experiences

  • All hosts to carry hand sanitizer and employ appropriate social distancing with clients
  • Depending on the regulations in place during the clients’ trip, hosts will either wear a face mask or have one available to wear if requested to by the client
  • Depending on the regulations in place during the clients’ trip, clients may have to wear face masks when doing any guided experiences
  • For experiences such as walking tours, routes may be altered to avoid crowded places. This will be decided on a case-by-case basis and agreed with the client before the experience begins

Site Visits / National Parks

  • We are still waiting for information from the Sri Lankan government on the new regulations for site visits and national parks


  • We are monitoring the health and safety policies being adopted at all partner hotels and villas
  • We will provide specific information on such measures in advance of clients’ holiday

The health and safety of our clients is always of the utmost importance to us.  You can be assured that we will continue to prioritise this in our future trips taking whatever measures are necessary to enable our clients to explore Sri Lanka safely.

Kimarli Fernando, Chairperson of the Sri Lanka Tourist Board, has also announced that the intended future plans for Sri Lanka tourism could include adjustments to the visa process.  In addition to this it may also include mandatory testing. We are awaiting more detailed information from the Sri Lanka Tourist Board in due course. This information will also include their plans for safety certification guidelines within hotels and restaurants.

We are pleased to see this proactive health-focused approach and hope it will provide you with greater confidence about travelling to Sri Lanka. 

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