Sustainable travel at Impact Escapes

Apr 15, 2020

The team at Impact Escapes believe in ethical, responsible travel. Sustainable travel is ingrained in us. The best way to get to know a country is to immerse yourself and learn about local customs and practices. It is vital however that this is not detrimental to the communities we visit. We focus on providing a benefit to disadvantaged communities who deserve more opportunities to succeed.

Sustainable travel and tourism can empower communities and preserve incredible UNESCO and historical sites. We can advocate for conservation of flora, fauna and wildlife. We can create a legacy for future generations of locals growing up in these beautiful lands. 

The Impact Escapes team are consciously seeking out meaningful experiences and local encounters that encourage ecologically and socially sensitive activities. We aim for diversity and to connect travellers to communities without compromising the needs of local people. We believe certain disadvantaged local communities deserve better.

Wildlife and the local environments

Impact Escapes supports various initiatives that have been inspired by conservation and community development for a sustainable future. Animal welfare and protecting a country’s natural resources are at the top of our priority lists. 

There are many places to enjoy wildlife in their natural environment. Safaris, sailing, hiking, row boats and on push bikes are all rewarding ways to get off the beaten path.  

Wherever possible we favour exploring sites by bike or on foot.  We search out hosts and guides who are native to the areas in which they work. We recommend locally sourced options and suppliers wherever possible.

We give all guests a metal drink bottle at the beginning of their holiday. While it isn’t always possible to avoid single use plastic completely we are aiming for reduction. Most accommodation providers that we use have a place that you can refill your bottle with cold, clean water.

Cultural awareness and respect and local enterprise

Sensitivity to religion and culture is another key area in responsible travel. Wear respectable clothing, ask before you take a photograph. Learn a few simple words of the local language so that you are able to show appreciation. Interact with locals, many people love to share their stories.

Find experiences and tour operators practising conscious, ethical travel. Immerse yourself in local customs, and empower communities. Social enterprise, long term employment and education are areas that we give a lot of thought to.

Choose experiences run by locals. Take the opportunity to observe marine life such as whales by sailing in the Indian Ocean on yachts built by local communities. This was an initiative to create employment and hope as a post tsunami tourism solution.

Try going back to the basics and eating food cooked in a mud hut kitchen. Instead of lunch in the main street, visit a plantation where local produce is farmed. Eat lunch from an organic garden grown by the family cooking your meal. The ideas are endless.

Through ethical travel we are changing the way people think. Conscious travel is about the lives you impact along the way. Look for special experiences that have an impact on you and local communities – for the better. Look to protect vulnerable communities. Look to help them sew the seeds for their crop.

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