Sri Lanka

Ceylon tea, ancient ruins, beaches, temples and spices- the heart of Sri Lanka is in its wildlife, cultures and breathtaking landscapes.

“Ayubowan” Welcome to Sri Lanka the most diverse island in the world.

Take opportunities to really see the heart and soul of Sri Lanka, to pause to reflect on its ancient history and many stories.

Make time to be invited into local communities, and to immerse yourself in nature while witnessing wildlife in their natural habitats.

Relax, drink Ceylon tea, absorb the atmosphere of local markets, observe the traditions and culture.

What does your adventure look like?

Sri Lanka is famous for its astonishing biodiversity, for a small island it boasts a wide variety of environments normally found in a larger country in a conveniently compact form.

Sri Lanka beaches

What are the best experiences in Sri Lanka?

Well, there are 4×4 wildlife safaris, cinnamon plantations, yoga retreats & relaxation. And then there is hiking through tea plantations, biking to rural villages, art and colonial architecture. For more wildlife encounters there is the largest mammal in the world, (the blue whale) and abundance of birdlife, wild elephant encounters and the sometimes elusive leopards and sloth bears. We nearly forgot to mention surfing, snorkelling, turtles, king coconuts, the most scenic railway trip in the world and the white sand beaches….

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